Response to PAID’s Recent Events

We would like to thank everybody for being patient over the past few days, as we understand that the events surrounding the PAID token have created a fair amount of questions and uncertainty. PAID is separate from Ignition, so while we focus on the outcome of the PAID audit, we must also recognize that it was not Ignition that was flawed. Our team has known Kyle and the Ignition founders for many years, and hold Ignition in the highest esteem and hope the truths that unfold portray a brand as committed to transparency and ethics as they present themselves. In the best interest of Splyt, we are looking at all options for the successful launch and longevity of our project and vision.

We are hiring two independent third-party auditors to do a double pre-launch audit and will have a post-launch audit thereafter in the name of absolute transparency. Our project was born of the motive to create a holistic and dignified commerce landscape, and those core values will continue to drive our decision-making process. As we receive more information, we will update you all.

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