Spl.yt Core: The E-Commerce eNFT® Infrastructure Migrates to Polkadot

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4 min readJan 28, 2021


Spl.yt Core Revolutionizing E-commerce Marketplace Just in Time for Covid-Expedited Digital Migration

Watch out for Spl.yt in 2021. Starting with a migration to Polkadot, Spl.yt is paving the path to create more sustainable relationships between brands, wholesalers, and consumers.

Spl.yt has always been a forward thinking company, having been one of the original pioneers of NFT’s (non-fungible tokens) back in 2017.

The Spl.yt leaders are constantly analyzing consumer habits, the growth and continuity of decentralized e-commerce, and creating a digital landscape that supports the growth of brands. This focus is especially critical with the pandemic-driven rush to move online.

The pandemic has forced many to slow down and re-evaluate themselves and their businesses, generating a good bit of conversation around how industries will adapt and move forward. One of those conversations is around rethinking the traditional sales model to be more sustainable and support emerging brands.

Leveling the Playing Field

In the digital landscape, going B2C requires an immense marketing budget that doesn’t always guarantee ROI. That landscape is evolving rapidly with innovative user experiences and AI that only larger players can afford. Where does that leave emerging brands and how do they reach their customer in a highly competitive digital landscape?

Spl.yt is rebuilding those bridges. Spl.yt rethinks the partnerships in the sales community, how those relationships have soured, and how to mend and move forward with better terms for all sides.

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How it Works?

Spl.yt uploads products as shoppable NFT’s, attached to physical goods in the traditional sense of an NFT and as a proof of authenticity- especially critical in the luxury and hype product markets. Think Chanel or Yeezy digital “authenticity card.” Imagine the trackable information a brand can now gather around a product.

Based on blockchain, Spl.yt omits the double-sale problem occurring quite frequently as many other e-comm platforms try and react to the new era of digital shopping. Smart contracts omit the gray area in partnerships, so that partners can focus their energy on growing together instead of the “small print” that creates cat claws when things don’t go as favorably as anticipated.

Spl.yt is a global database, with plugins for every major website platform (ie- Shopify), making it so easy to use, your grandma can use it. But built with a deeply complex understanding towards the user experience for all parties, today and for tomorrow.

Spl.yt also looks at consumer habits- how people are shopping and what they are shopping with. It is creating the first global shopping network that can be shopped with both cryptocurrency and traditional credit cards.

Why Now?

With United States banks formally recognizing cryptocurrency, it’s only a matter of time before the bridge is built between mainstream e-comm markets and crypto.

Furthermore, we’ve been seeing major oversteps from governance in the digital arena recently. Parler was shut down on all major platforms. Youtube has manipulated likes and dislikes. Big tech censorship is becoming manipulative and creating mass distrust.

These two factors are incentivizing many to move onto the blockchain and look at the future of consumerism. Spl.yt is leading the way.

Spl.yt is built out so that other companies can build on top of the technology, creating a decentralized platform for all industries to interact on.

Spl.yt is partnering with Maison Du as a first-use case, a luxury market e-commerce platform dedicated to creating solutions for the rapidly expanding digital luxury market.

“This marketplace is forefronting digital innovation in consumer experience, and luxury is the largest segment in the e-com marketplace, making this partnership a no-brainer,” says Lindsey (Spl.yt Brand Partnerships) of the partnership. “It’s a very interesting time- an exciting time! The old rules are out the door, and this an industry hungry for solutions. Multi-brand stores and designers are both starting to think outside of the box. Consumers are much more comfortable buying luxury online, reactive to the Covid-19 pandemic climate.”

With the rush to move online, the e-comm market needs sustainable solutions for brands to survive the migration. Spl.yt will be silently handling your digital shopping experience, whether you’re aware of it or not. Spl.yt was thinking forward before the pandemic-driven demand hit, so stay tuned- they will be revolutionizing the e-commerce experience in a very big way!



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